Luna Blanca :: Luxury Beachfront condos in Rocky Point


Gabriel Robles, a senior real estate consultant from Mexico City, who has been involved with over 27 major resort developments, has completed a study that shows Rocky Point to be in the third year of a 25 year upward real estate cycle (source: Join Us, January, 2005).

Rocky Point property values have risen rapidly in the recent past. Mid-market condos that were sold in 1999 for USD$150,000 were re-sold for over USD$300,000 in 2004, and beachfront home lots that were sold for $140,000 in 1998 were re-sold for $600,000 in 2004 ( source: Arizona Republic article “Rockin’ Point” Sunday, March 7, 2004). Despite the steady historical price appreciation, current Rocky Point real estate prices remain substantially lower than those of real estate in San Diego and Los Cabos; both useful comparable markets as they are near Arizona and other Rocky Point target markets.


In San Diego, luxury beachfront condos of 2,000 to 2,500 square feet may range from USD$1.5 million to over USD$3 million (source: In Los Cabos, condos found in the higher-end resort properties may sell in excess of USD$1,000 per square foot (source: Bruce D. Greenberg, appointee by Arizona’s Governors Hull and Napolitano to aid in consumer guidelines for purchasing real estate in Sonora, Mexico).

We believe Rocky Point has just reached a tipping point in terms of the quality of developments and ancillary services offered. We invite you to explore the possibility of participating in the transformation of a once small fishing town into one of the most exclusive resort areas in Mexico. Please contact us to learn more about why owning at Luna Blanca at Rocky Point is the ideal way to secure a residence in one of Mexico’s most exclusive and luxurious residential developments, while simultaneously being part of the amazing evolution of Rocky Point.


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